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Not everyone wants solar panels on the roof.

Now you can renew your roof tiles for solar roof tiles.This fantastic product works the same as panels.

We can replace all your roof tiles with these. The production of electric is the same, except you cant see the any panels.

Imagine how elegant your roof could look with these beautiful tiles. Plus you'll be getting your electric FREE

We can even bring a sample, to show you how fantastic they are.

Screenshot (285)1.jpg
Screenshot (288).png

These tiles are traditional clay tiles. However with modern techniques they will last for over 70 years or more. And of course they produce FREE electricity... Various styles please ask.

Screenshot (298).png
Screenshot (301).png
Screenshot (299).png

The Villas below have the new style "Solar tiles". As you can see they look fantastic...
Another good thing with these tiles, is no planning permission is required, as they are replaced like for like.

Screenshot (289).png
Screenshot (287).png
1 Tiles strip.jpg
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