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Heat Your Pool to 30 degrees, all year FOR FREE

Our price includes the electric solar panels, to offset the cost of running a heat pump.!!

So you get a pool heated FREE of CHARGE. That saves the environment as well as your wallet.

You have a swimming pool and you only use it for 5 months of the year, even then its not that warm.

We can heat your pool FREE.... All year round swimming. So when visitors come especially grandchildren, you can use the pool... Your paying for it to be cleaned and the pool pump electric (unless we solar power it then its free)

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Can a heat pump be hidden out of the way?

Yes. Heat pumps are almost silent, but they do require a solid level base and need to be close to the pool house.

On this installation, the pool house is below the pool in an unused part of the garden. This gave us the opportunity to

"hide away" the heat pump. We can install almost anywhere and we can visit your home to advise where.!!

Most heat pumps can be remote controlled, and even operated by your mobile phone.
If you already have a flat level surface, next to the pool house. We do not need a concrete base.

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