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Electricity for your home and for your EV (electric car).

Most homes in Spain are rated at 5.5 KWh. That means you can draw from the grid 5.5 Kilowatts of power.

Try to draw any more and the trip in the fuse box will click off. You may have noticed this happen before.

There are three Solutions.

1. Extra power from the provider, normally Iberdrola.

This is IF they can provide it in your area and you have to pay a lot for the extra power and also every month as well

2. Solar panels from 2 to 8. These are connected to micro inverters and  provide extra daytime power.

From 620 KWatts to 2,480 KWatts.

This option slashes your electric bills.


3. Solar panels connected to an inverter. This inverter can also have a FREE Electric car charger.

If you are thinking of getting an EV, or rent out your home this is the option you should go for.

With this option you can choose to also have batteries to run your night time requirements as well as day time. 

option 3 gives you very low electric bills and the power to charge electric cars...!! future protected.


Another solution is to disconnect from the mains grid. 

We do not recommend disconnecting from the mains grid completely. (unless you have to or already are)

There is a benefit of being connected to the grid as a backup and for car charging it can be used when there is no daylight or enough power.

Another reason is cost. To be free of the grid you will have to have a lot of batteries, not just 1. Even with the new Li Ion batteries you will need a few of them.

Of course you will get a tiny bill from the grid as a service charge. But that is a worthwhile cost.

Batteries have changed over the last few years. No longer do you need lots of batteries banked on top of each other.

Now they can fit on the wall and last for a long time. No maintenance is required and they are totally safe.

They have 3KWh, 6KWh and 9KWh of power and can be linked together.

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