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About Us

Personalised Approach

We are installers with over 25 years experience in solar electricity and solar hot water.

Anyone who comes to work at your house is known to us. They will also be qualified to work at your home. We are all based and live here in Spain. Spanish, English and French nationalities

Excellence and Professionalism 

When it comes to installing you need people who have done it before... Many times.!!

People who know what goes where, how it should fit etc. And above all know when its not right. 
When we leave a job its finished, not half done.

Speak to our customers and even visit them they will speak for us.


We guarantee our work and products for a minimum 2 years. Often the manufacturers have guarantees of 25 years on solar products.

However a guarantee means what?
You need someone to come when you need them not stroll in 3 days later.

We will not let you down call us and we will come. That's how we get 90% of our work...

From people recommending us to other people.

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