What are solar panels?


What are solar panels? Free Electric

Solar panels generate electricity from daylight. They have silicon cells laid in a row, which when daylight falls on them electricity is produced. 

You can use this power to run//

Pool pumps, A/C units, fridges freezers, TVs, Fans, ovens etc...

You can even charge an electric car from solar panels.

We explain it all in plain English at your home on a Free no obligation home visit.


What's solar hot water? Free hot water.

Solar hot water allows you to have hot water 24 hours a day Free.

There are two main ways of heating water. A flat plate panel and solar tubes.

Tubes are more efficient and work very well in winter but all situations are different and we will advise you of which is best for your home.

Unlike Gas, this gives you lashings of hot water no cold spots with lots of pressure. And even an immersion back up.

The tank can be outside or in the home.

    Do Not forget:  Power you generate is cost FREE & TAX FREE. Plus you get your invest money back many times over

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